Sources of Strength is:

  • A peer led suicide prevention program for anyone in the greater Houston Jewish community that allows students to create positive message campaigns within their schools and social networks.
  • Kicked off with a highly interactive training day that students call “fun, interesting, empowering, and not what I expected.”
  • A critical tool for supporting young adults in distress.
  • An evidence-based program that shows that young adults who participate in Sources of Strength are four times more likely to report themselves or someone else in trouble than those not involved in the program.
  • A bridge of connection between young adults and trusted adults so that when a need arises for support, the connection is already in place.

For Peer Leaders (Students):

  • Be the change agent in your school and social network by leading a campaign to build resilience and strength.
  • Make your voice heard.
  • Add a meaningful experience to your resume.
  • Engage your school and congregational peers in building tools for dealing with stress and pressure.
  • Be in grades 6-12.

For Adults (Adults Advisers) Sources of Strength is:

  • A way to make a difference in the lives of young adults.
  • A program for empowering young adults you know.
  • A path toward being a supportive adult for Jewish youth in our community.

To learn more, Contact Katelyn Bleiweiss at

or 713-986-7858